Looking back at 2018


This year we did not go to shows... we better enjoyed the time at many nice places....

Some days with sun at La Maurette - the home of little Prince

We also went to the huge sandplace in the north of Germany and did some camping in Austria... lots of joy!!

Our end of 2018 we spent in Italy - 15 degrees and sun 🙂

Good times - nice people and great dogs... just perfect!!

See the pictures of 2018 below ♥

We are looking forward 2019 - and we will be at some shows again this 2019



2017 behind us…


Again a year is almost over - it was a great 2017 for us.

Wonderful trips and moments... and great success.

2017 was amazing - Louis and me had so much fun, met nice people, passed the breeding test and won the first champion title ♥

I´m so glad to have this lovely boy all the time with me - he's my everything!!

Now looking forward some chilled xmas-days and another great year with lots of plans - 2018



World Dog Show 2017 ♛

Back home from WDS 2017 in Leipzig with a little report.

The little prince was one of the youngest startes in the really strong champion class and got a very good from judge Teixeira.

We take it like that- he‘s a amazing exotic boy, polarizing the people 🙂 In the ring it was a very good this time… although he had so many fans outside the ring ❥♡

Also a team of german television could not walk by without taking some filmings for the next day tv report about the WDS!

More than proud I can say that the little prince did a perfect presentation in the ring and always will be my most beautiful and best boy in the whole world ❥♡ ❥♡ ❥♡

It was great to see the Shangani family, meet friends again and become to know many nice people!

A „very good day“ which was more than excellent. Thanks Maria Lang for joining us… we are and always will be a exotic-pack… and this is the most perfect thing!!

Starting champion class

Shownews from Strasbourg

What a great debut - starting in the champion class at the age of two years!!

The little prince reached a phenomenal second place with a EXC 2 in the champion class in Strasbourg, F under judge M. Dupas !!! 
Like he did nothing else my best boy was standing and running like a professional. 

We are so proud and happy!! My best prince 

Aftershow - enjoy the great weather outside with a funny walk in our homewood...

Perfect sunday

Breeding test – yeahhhhh

Breeding permission passed!!!

The little prince is just amazing and the best - he passed the breeding test (DZRR) without any limitations and best results under the judge Karin van Klaveren!


A great and exciting day - the day of the breeding test in Unna! At best weather and a nice athmosphere we did the test for the breeding license together with 12 other Ridgebacks in Unna.

Measure, present and character test - Louis did a perfect job!! With lots of fun and our special connection we got the best judgement! Everybody was enchanted by his behaviour and look 😉

Louis is measured 69 cm. His exterieur with a nice report. Character test all points with A. Selfsecurement, temperament & tractability with very good. Total: impressing male, friendly and very secure in behaviour.

Louis - my best dog and Mr. sunshine!! I´m so thankful for this great boy ❤️


Birthday boy

② b i r t h d a y

So wonderful to have you!! 

A L L &  O N L Y  T H E  V E R Y  V E R Y  B E S T 

Time flies - it´s amazing - Today my good boy is already 2 years old!! Well... the small prince is big one... but for me he´s the little prince forever!!

We did so many things toghether and we are looking forward the future times... he´s my beloved dog whos some kind of differnent and so so funny. I won´t miss him for a single day!!

❤️❤️❤️  Love you Louis  ❤️❤️❤


The little prince and the huge sea

Sankt Peter Ording June 2017

Again we have been to the sea - This time it was a bit colder and more rainy. And no dogshows at all.

Germanys biggest sand beach for us 🙂 Except one day we had the typical north german cold and rainy weather.

But we did not stay at home in front of the warm fireplace - spending lots of time outside at the huge beach - almost looking like a place on the moon... lots of space the run and play for an energetic and crazy young dog like Louis.

Taking many pictures like sand on the beach (of SPO) hahahaha... and got to know nice people with Ridgebacks via Instagram. Three RR´s at that place - what a party

> See all the pictures


The first Champion – he´s got the title

The little prince got his first champion at the wonderful Adria!!

After many kilometers we are are back home from Montenegro and stunning Croatia with a hilarious result.

Before reaching the the age of 2 years the little prince is already a champion of beauty. Totally happy and sooooooo proud.

Louis won both of the two show days in Bar, Montenegro under strong competitors and for topping that he won the CACIB and BOB at the second day. 

Our Trip along the Adria coast: first stop after a long and exhausting trip with ice and snow in Austria and Croatia was Pakoštane. There we stayed camping in our VW bully and having a nice walk through pine woods along the amazing blue sea. From here we went further to Montenegro. Crossing the border to Montenegro it took us almost 2,5 hours to take the road for approx 100km hahahaha... Landing in our hotel we enjoyed the typical "konoba" with great food and after that sleeping.

Show day 1 - in chaos of organisation we found our ring and numbers, met people from Germany - they joined us in the following days, winning the first CAC, did some trips in the city of bar, had again best foods.

Show day 2 - really nervous before entering the ring, winning the second show plus CACIB and BOB simply happy, drinking cold bubble water on it, touring along the coast of Montenegro until reaching the albanian border. 

With lots of impressions of a country with a wonderful nature, really friendly people, many homeless dogs (some were standing in the rings beging confused - a picture one cannot forget :-(), lots ruined houses and rubbish we went back to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

In Croatia we took part at the Adria Cup - 2 show days in Dubrovnik and 4 show days in Zadar. Here Louis won twice the second place (RCAC) and twice the third place. We cancelled the last two show days in Zadar because having fun in the ring was over. It should be a positiv experience for the dog to walk in the ring - my little prince showed his tiredness and so we decided to better enjoy the days at the sea walking and relaxing in paradise Croatia.

During our trip we discovered nice places such as the old town of Dubrovnik, stunning beaches, many great people and dogsand tasty foods and drinks. Could it have been better?!

Back home after a uncomplicated roadtrip we are still over the moon and back with this great success. And again we are planning the next unforgettable show trips - Croatia is definitely again a destination for us  🙂






see all the pics here


The official results of the x-ray test arrived!!

The little prince Louis has the following examination
HD A 1
ED 0
OCD free
Dilute DD

Fabulous and soooooo happy about it - now we are looking forward to travel some shows... and then of course we do the breeding permission test this summer 🙂


Adieu 2016

... end of the year is near by!

A great, really emotional and also very sad year is now behind us - 2016.

We traveled a lot, had many experiences, we had fun and we cried.

This year the little prince took part at his first show in Offenburg and from time to time, show to show he did better... standing in the ring of honor and got a french RCACS! So proud.
We met old friends, got to know new people. Just had wonderful times!!

Driving a lot and discovered nice places - the north of Germany at the coast, the french Auvergne and many other places in germany and france.

This year we lost our beloved family member Bwana. It happened so fast and we did not expect it at all. Such a hard time. We will never forget him! He will be always in our hearts ♡!

Time is healing - from day to day we learn to live with the loss of Bwana and time is getting better slowly - but future is coming and we now look forward to a healthy, happy, exciting and successful new year 2017.

There are many plans for the new year - looking forward those great moments which are coming with my best boy Louis ♡



METZ – les deux jours

... excellent weekend

Two days in Metz on the show with real results
Louis had his debut in the intermediate class and did really great!

CAC - Show, saturday, 05.11.2016:   EXC 1 & RCACS
CACIB - Show, sunday, 06.11.2016:   EXC 1

The trip to Metz was comfortable and not stressed at all. Arriving at the show we met friends and nice people and dogs. We kind of opened the show. Male intermediate class was first - Louis did great and got what he deserved - exc 1 with a great report. We were so happy jumping around 🙂 Taking part at the run for the CACS - second with the reserveCACS !

After the show we went to check in where we stayed overnight - a old and fascinating château - as it was made for the prince... hihihihihi

After having dinner - Louis was the star in the restaurant 🙂 - we went to bed... get fit for the next day

Having breakfast and a long walk with the dog. Start of the second day at the show... How great is that - Louis did it again - exc1!

There was no way to be happier in this time. We went to see the old town of Metz, driving home... stopped to visit some friends on our way... and arrived save back home after that nice weekend in france!!

Autumn time

Photoimpression of the colorful time



After the last show in Strasbourg - we had 40°C which was just disgusting -we are chilling a bit . But still we go on tour and are not bored at all... running around in the nature 🙂

Good for dog and human... Starting at the Show in Metz... we won't loose pracitise 😉

See how we enjoyed the days in nature - he´s getting big now, my little prince


France – august 2016

Clubshow and RR speziale in Châtel-Guyon

...and a few days off.

Auvergne, France. Summer and great weather - beside a rainy day - made to trip unforgettable.

We started our journey to Châtel-Guyon for the two shows - clubshow and RR speziale. Before our show weekend we did spent a few day off. The pretty french villages, good food, walking in wonderful nature (but too many fences here)... and just slow down our minds. My mum joined us.

Saturday at the show: many people we know where with us, german friends, breeder... had fun together. Louis won the youth class with VG1 - happy but a little disappointed because winning with a V1 would have been the french youth champion. It is as it is and we were happy to win our first trophy 🙂
Sunday was the second start and we got the second place.

With many impressions and nice experiences we arrived back home. Thanks to all of you who made the time in france so great and congrats to all the states at the two shows!


1 year

➊ B I R T H D A Y

...wishing you the very best...

♛ My amazing little prince!! One year already ♛

I´m incredibly thankful for this great dog ! He´s so lovely and funny, sometimes naughty and full of power! So sweet and pretty!

Will never miss one single day since we traveled the long way from La Maurette to our home! Looking forward all the times which I will have with this wonderful and amazing boy! 

❤️❤️❤️  Love you Louis  ❤️❤️❤

Dogshow Schloss Meisdorf 2016


Great time in Meisdorf where we started at the nice outdoor dogshow!

Results of the two days Exc 3

Having a good time with nice atmosphere after the show with really nice people. Such a great weekend - we had to have a zip on it. 

So many Shanganis - and all of them in the ring of honor. What feeling in this moment- and as it has to be - a trophy for the proud breeders!

We stayed in a traditional old house with a huge garden - our neighbors - also with a Shangani - made the evenings even better. Sitting outside with a glas of good drinks and talking and laughing till midnight.

We also did some sightseeing in the pretty town Quedlinburg and had some traditional east german soup... Driving home with a smile on the face... see you next year in Meisdorf!

SPO 2016 – the biggest beach

Sankt Peter Ording may 2016

Louis´first time at the sea - and such a big sand place... feeling like you´re always alone there ⚓ 

Run, play and be free - spending a few days in the north of germany to calm down and have lots of fun. Having great weather - it´s not always like that in the north - we enjoyed every single day.

The two boys loved to walk and run at the grand beach ♡

See some of the pic from Sankt Peter Ording

> See all the pictures


E X P O № ➂ in M U H L H O U S E

Did it again!

Again on tour. This time in france / Muhlhouse CACIB 2016. AND - we have been successful again in the ring.

Louis got the first place by judge M. Favre (F) in the puppy class ♂ and as we did it the week before - we went to the ring of honor trying to get the title "Best puppy" - we were under the last and best 6 - WOW!

I´m really proud of my little boy - the first three shows and two of them in the ring of honor! My good boy ♡

Now having a short break of taking part at shows- for a few weeks... enjoy summertime... next time we start in the youth class... getting big this boy!

Congrats to all the others at the show and thanks for the support of Martine (where is the card for the ring of honor... hihihihi) Merci beaucup

S H O W № ➋ in L U X E M B O U R G

Easter sunday - Louis did not find the easterrabbit, he better rocked the show in Luxembourg ✔

After a short night at my friends place near Saarbrücken we took the way to Kirchberg...
My little Louis opened the show as first dog at the RR-ring! Jumping only in a short moment and standing really good this time... he did soooooo great! With that we received the vp1 from the judge Lydia Kersbergen (NL). Hui, nice!!

Winning the class this was not the end of the show for us- our debut in the ring of honor. For the little boy and me - wow!! What a day - ring of honor was dominated by the tiny little dogs for the trophy- to me my boy was the winner - he was so exhausted and tired!! Just proud he did so well ♡♡

Walking after the show in a nice landscape at the Mosel river, got to know Djamila (Bwanas Sister)... Louis wanted two things- eat, sleep!

Thanks Alena and Andrea for the nice evening and dinner at Restaurant Moselbrück!!

Nice easter weekend ♛♡



Last saturday, 12. März 2016, Louis started at his first show and got to know the ring 🙂

J U M P J U M P J U M P - so so happy!

Louis did great  - Many thing around him happening and lots of people - looking at Louis... but not only because he´s a real beauty... hihihi ... running in the ring is reaaaaaallllllyyyyyy funny - JUMJUMP around.

I´m proud of this cute boy!!

Result of the first show: a nice report and a vp.

Now we are motivated for the next show in Luxembourg. Practice again and again

Congrats to Lambarene Princess Pea- Louis wonderful sister, she won the girls puppy class!



Noch so klein und schon eine eigene Homepage


on the homepage of

Shangani Le Petit Prince KINGUE


the little prince LOUIS came to our family in september 2015. Ten weeks old! He enriches our days with his awaking and powerful character. I´m so proud and happy to have this wonderful and naughty but also cuddly Ridgebackboy. Together with Bwana, his big Ridgebackfriend, little prince Louis, also named KINGUE, will explore the big big world.

This will be a new fantastic story of the little prince... See here what happens in his life - I´m looking forward every chapter and great times!

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