E X P O № ➂ in M U…

Did it again!

Again on tour. This time in france / Muhlhouse CACIB 2016. AND - we have been successful again in the ring.

Louis got the first place by judge M. Favre (F) in the puppy class ♂ and as we did it the week before - we went to the ring of honor trying to get the title "Best puppy" - we were under the last and best 6 - WOW!

I´m really proud of my little boy - the first three shows and two of them in the ring of honor! My good boy ♡

Now having a short break of taking part at shows- for a few weeks... enjoy summertime... next time we start in the youth class... getting big this boy!

Congrats to all the others at the show and thanks for the support of Martine (where is the card for the ring of honor... hihihihi) Merci beaucup

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