METZ – les deux jours

... excellent weekend

Two days in Metz on the show with real results
Louis had his debut in the intermediate class and did really great!

CAC - Show, saturday, 05.11.2016:   EXC 1 & RCACS
CACIB - Show, sunday, 06.11.2016:   EXC 1

The trip to Metz was comfortable and not stressed at all. Arriving at the show we met friends and nice people and dogs. We kind of opened the show. Male intermediate class was first - Louis did great and got what he deserved - exc 1 with a great report. We were so happy jumping around 🙂 Taking part at the run for the CACS - second with the reserveCACS !

After the show we went to check in where we stayed overnight - a old and fascinating château - as it was made for the prince... hihihihihi

After having dinner - Louis was the star in the restaurant 🙂 - we went to bed... get fit for the next day

Having breakfast and a long walk with the dog. Start of the second day at the show... How great is that - Louis did it again - exc1!

There was no way to be happier in this time. We went to see the old town of Metz, driving home... stopped to visit some friends on our way... and arrived save back home after that nice weekend in france!!

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