S H O W № ➋ in L U…

Easter sunday - Louis did not find the easterrabbit, he better rocked the show in Luxembourg ✔

After a short night at my friends place near Saarbrücken we took the way to Kirchberg...
My little Louis opened the show as first dog at the RR-ring! Jumping only in a short moment and standing really good this time... he did soooooo great! With that we received the vp1 from the judge Lydia Kersbergen (NL). Hui, nice!!

Winning the class this was not the end of the show for us- our debut in the ring of honor. For the little boy and me - wow!! What a day - ring of honor was dominated by the tiny little dogs for the trophy- to me my boy was the winner - he was so exhausted and tired!! Just proud he did so well ♡♡

Walking after the show in a nice landscape at the Mosel river, got to know Djamila (Bwanas Sister)... Louis wanted two things- eat, sleep!

Thanks Alena and Andrea for the nice evening and dinner at Restaurant Moselbrück!!

Nice easter weekend ♛♡


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