Breeding test – yeahhhhh

Breeding permission passed!!!

The little prince is just amazing and the best - he passed the breeding test (DZRR) without any limitations and best results under the judge Karin van Klaveren!


A great and exciting day - the day of the breeding test in Unna! At best weather and a nice athmosphere we did the test for the breeding license together with 12 other Ridgebacks in Unna.

Measure, present and character test - Louis did a perfect job!! With lots of fun and our special connection we got the best judgement! Everybody was enchanted by his behaviour and look 😉

Louis is measured 69 cm. His exterieur with a nice report. Character test all points with A. Selfsecurement, temperament & tractability with very good. Total: impressing male, friendly and very secure in behaviour.

Louis - my best dog and Mr. sunshine!! I´m so thankful for this great boy ❤️


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